My Food and Lifestyle Change!

So I’m almost finished my fourth week of the You Are Your Own Gym 10 week program. I’m feeling good about it and I have started to enjoy my exercises. In fact, as of this morning I’m down by 3.9kg and lost 4cm to my waist. I’m going to have to make a new hole in my belt or cut it shorter because my pants have trouble staying up. I weigh myself twice a day and seeing even the slightest loss gives me confidence.

People ask if I’m on a diet but I really don’t like that word. Diets have never really worked for me and I usually gained the weight back. I consider this a lifestyle change. I don’t plan on stopping this.

I have never really been a breakfast person so I almost never eat breakfast. These days I have been eating shredded Daikon Radish for lunch. Sometimes I put some shredded carrot in it. I love Daikon so this is not a problem and it has about 20 calories in my serving size. Here’s a picture.
I’m sure I’ll get sick of it at some point and I’ll have to find some other vegetable to eat. With every meal I drink Mets Cola or Pepsi Special which are Zero Calorie Colas that cut dietary fat absorption.


Here’s an article on them.
Sales fizz for healthy Japanese cola that cuts dietary fat absorption

For Dinner I have what ever Kumi makes me. Some people say that I’m starving myself but the truth is that I’m not hungry. I’m satisfied with my Daikon and if I do feel snacky, I usually eat low calorie vegetable chips or pistachios that I’ve heard burns fat.