My #YAYOG Exercises and My Food

So before I talk about my exercises, I wanted to talk a little more about my food. Since I started losing weight everyone has been giving their thoughts and ideas which is great! Some people have the idea that I’m starving myself. That’s far from the truth. Let’s have a look at my usually food intake before and now.

  • Breakfast: Canned M Coffee. Occasional bowl of granola.
  • Lunch: Some kind of sandwich or パン(Bread Product) that is high in calories. Usually 400kcal or more. Juice box
  • Snack: A desert style パン or some kind of nuts. Lemon Tea
  • Dinner: Whatever Kumi cooks. Zero Cola
  • Now:

  • Breakfast: Canned M Coffee.
  • Lunch: Daikon Salad with no dressing with about 40kcal or Soup(Mushroom or Tomato) with about 70kcal. Zero Cola that cuts dietary fat absorption.
  • Snack: Sometimes Low Calorie Vegetable Chips or Pistachios.
  • Dinner: Whatever Kumi cooks. Zero Cola that cuts dietary fat absorption
    As you can see the amount I ate hasn’t changed so much. What has changed is my calories. Sure I eat a few less snacks but I never really needed them anyway. I’m not a big eater. Sure I can eat lots of my favorite food but who can’t?

    As most of you know I’ve been doing You Are Your Own Gym. I’m the type of guy who need structure in everything I do and #YAYOG gives me that. From the very first night I could see it is for me. All the exercise equipment that you’ll need is in everyone’s house. I’m a big guy and I have terrible balance so there are some exercises that I can’t do properly or are impossible for me to do. For example, the Towel Curls require you to balance one leg. I’ll have trouble every time so I do them near the table and if I find myself falling over my leg touches the table and I can catch my balance without interrupting the set. Then there’s ones like 4-count Bodybuilders. I simply can’t do this one as hard as I might try. The great thing about the #YAYOG 10 week program is that it allows you to modify the workout to replace the exercise that you can’t with something you can. I also have exercises that I’m surprised that I can do. I was shocked when I could do the bouncing push-ups!

    Now some of you who know about tabatas and see 25 squats and think “Wow, 25 squats per set!” is a little misled. When I started doing tabatas I never noticed the line that asked for the lowest rep count per set and I was putting in the total rep count. After 2 weeks I realized my mistake but I figured I’ve already been doing it that way so I’ll just continue doing it.
    My View
    I really enjoy the exercises. I have been losing weight and I’m sure gaining some muscle that I’ve lost in the last few years. My wife also says that I have a lot more energy than before. But really what makes me feel great is seeing more of my feet when standing straight than I have in years. And the fact that my suit is becoming loser and loser on me.

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