10kg in 8 weeks and 2 days!

As of today I have lost 10kg(22lbs) since I started doing the #YAYOG program.

I know a lot of you must be tired of me always talking about my weight loss but the fact is I’m very proud of myself. I really never thought I could do this but I can and I enjoy it.

Since I made my resolution on New Year’s Day of losing 20kg this year, I am actually at 15kg. That means I’ve lost more weight in the last 8 weeks than I did in the whole year trying different diets. And another good thing is I’m losing weight but I’m also gaining back some lost muscle that I’ve lost in the last few years.

Recently my wife has told me that my face has really changed. I’m not sure but you can be the judge. The picture on the left is from September 3rd 2013 and the one on the right is from today (December 4th 2013). It’s the same helmet and the straps have not been adjusted in any way.


In other news, I took my #JLPT N4 last Sunday. I’m pretty confident about passing it. The grammar/reading section was a little difficult but I feel the Kanji/Vocabulary section was high enough to pass the combined score for Language Knowledge. And of course the listening was no problem at all. I’ll find out my score in February.

My winter holidays start in 14 days! 🙂

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