100lbs down!

It’s been a while. I’ve been too busy and/or lazy to write.

As of this morning I’m now 100lbs down. That’s just less than 46kg for the metric people. This year has been slow for weight loss. Just before Christmas, I was feeling bored with #YAYOG Bodyweight Training. I moved to #FitStar Personal Trainer which has a lot more cardio in the program. My weight loss slowed down so 2 weeks ago I switched back to YAYOG which updated their app. The weight loss sped up again, in fact 2.4kg in a week. I’m going to continue using YAYAG and do FitStar on the off days.

New Year’s Resolutions
Last year I made 3;

  • Lose 20kg more! I’m going to do it this time!
    Green_OkI not only achieved it but I passed it. I ended the year with a 24.4kg loss.
  • Go to driving school and get my Japanese driver’s license.
    Red_Not_OkUnfortunately I couldn’t go to driving school but with some effort Kumi has finally agreed to let me go.
  • Watch more than 82 first time watched movies.
    Green_OkI destroyed this one. 121 movies last year. I don’t think I can beat that! My lists –> 2013 20142015

As for this year, I’ve made a few.

  • Lose at least 15kg more! This should put me at a normal weight.
  • Go to driving school and get my Japanese driver’s license. I should be starting soon.
  • Hike the Numazu Alps in one day. Last year I hiked the Numazu Alps but this year, I want to do it in reverse with a better time. A total of 7 mountains.
  • Do some kind of martial art. I said this in my About Me page and it was one off my original goals in losing weight. Well…DoGi
    Green_OkI’ve Started taking Judo. I’m in my second month and I love it. I’m sore afterwards but it feels good. So far I’m just learning Ukemi(Falling). I belong to the Numazu Judokai(沼津柔道会). It’s a great bunch of Judokas with great teachers that all bring their own expertise. If you’re interest, let me know.
  • Run in the Numazu Kano River Half Marathon, at least 5Km. I started to train for it but recently the weather has been terrible so the training is on hold. The Marathon is in October so I have plenty of time.

I think that just about wraps things up.
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