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All backed up!

Going to start my third week of #YAYOG. This past week has been so-so. My muscles aren’t as sore as last week. I’m starting to enjoy my exercises.
I switched up lunches from bread to Daikon Radish salads. I like daikon!
Earlier this week my whole family caught colds. I took cold medicine for a few days and it really backed me up. In fact, it’s been 4 days since I properly went #2. I think that’s the cause of my weight gain in the last couple days.
I finished the week with -1.0kg despite starting the week with a big loss. My program total loss is -2.1kg.
Hopefully the upcoming week will be better.

My first week of #YAYOG

Finished my first week of ‪#‎YAYOG‬ 10 week program and better eating habits. I did the program for 4 days and on my rest days I did some Tabatas. I’m happy to say I’m down 1.5kg since Monday. Big thanks to Marc for his blogs and recommendations.
Mia is funny when I’m doing it, she thinks daddy is dancing!