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Lesson information

Lesson language English conversation (native)
Target Audience
  • Working Professionals seeking to advance in international settings
  • Senior Citizens interested in engaging with global topics
  • University Students preparing for careers in global industries
  • Adults aiming to refine their English proficiency for professional purposes


Target level   
  • Beginners to Advanced learners looking to excel in business environments
  • Individuals unsure of their English level but eager to improve for professional use
  • Those skilled in reading and writing English but seeking to enhance their business conversational abilities
  • Shy individuals aiming for confidence in professional English settings
  • Returnees and individuals with international experience looking to maintain or sharpen their business English skills
  • Professionals and students seeking specialized language proficiency in their field of work or study


Lesson Content    
  • Business Conversation: Customized sessions focusing on business etiquette, negotiations, presentations, meetings, and networking in English.
  • Online Videos & Multimedia: Use of business-related videos and multimedia to improve comprehension and discuss real-world business scenarios.
  • Teacher’s Original Teaching Materials: Access to materials designed specifically for business English learning, including workshops on LinkedIn profile optimization, Resume/CV writing, job interview preparation.
  • English for Specialized Fields: Tailored lessons on the language of specific industries, such as IT, finance, marketing, and international trade.
  • Textbooks: Use of advanced business English textbooks and resources that cater to professional development.
  • Interactive Games: Engaging educational games focused on business vocabulary and scenarios.
  • TOEIC Prep: Targeted preparation for achieving high scores on the TOEIC, essential for many international companies.
  • Document Review: Professional editing and feedback on business documents, emails, presentations, and CVs.
  • Custom Requests: Open to incorporating specific business-related topics or materials as requested by the student.






Online lessons to improve your English for Business or Casual Conversations. Tailored to your needs.



Workshops on resume building, interview preparation, and LinkedIn profile creation. Designed to help you enter the global job market.




Private or small group lessons with a general, business, or custom syllabus. Adapted to your company’s needs.