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Lesson information

Lesson language English conversation (native)
Target Audience
  • Working Professionals seeking to advance in international settings
  • Senior Citizens interested in engaging with global topics
  • University Students preparing for careers in global industries
  • Adults aiming to refine their English proficiency for professional purposes


Target level   
  • Beginners to Advanced learners looking to excel in business environments
  • Individuals unsure of their English level but eager to improve for professional use
  • Those skilled in reading and writing English but seeking to enhance their business conversational abilities
  • Shy individuals aiming for confidence in professional English settings
  • Returnees and individuals with international experience looking to maintain or sharpen their business English skills
  • Professionals and students seeking specialized language proficiency in their field of work or study


Lesson Content    
  • Business Conversation: Customized sessions focusing on business etiquette, negotiations, presentations, meetings, and networking in English.
  • Online Videos & Multimedia: Use of business-related videos and multimedia to improve comprehension and discuss real-world business scenarios.
  • Teacher’s Original Teaching Materials: Access to materials designed specifically for business English learning, including workshops on LinkedIn profile optimization, Resume/CV writing, job interview preparation.
  • English for Specialized Fields: Tailored lessons on the language of specific industries, such as IT, finance, marketing, and international trade.
  • Textbooks: Use of advanced business English textbooks and resources that cater to professional development.
  • Interactive Games: Engaging educational games focused on business vocabulary and scenarios.
  • TOEIC Prep: Targeted preparation for achieving high scores on the TOEIC, essential for many international companies.
  • Document Review: Professional editing and feedback on business documents, emails, presentations, and CVs.
  • Custom Requests: Open to incorporating specific business-related topics or materials as requested by the student.






Face-to-face or online. We use free conversation, textbooks and games for an enjoyable lesson. 



I offer Both private or small group lessons using a general, business or custom syllabus. I will adapt to your company’s needs.




A lot of experience checking all sorts of documents from several big companies. Document Checking, Presentation Support and Web design support.